December 5, 2018

Thank you for stopping by my photo gallery!

Honestly, I don't take nearly as many photos as I would like. But I hope that of those that I have taken, and have posted here, you find something of value, something you enjoy.

In August of 2010, blogger Jared Wilson wrote this about Christian literature:

"We need prose that sings. We need writers who aren't merely authorities in their areas and can relay information to us in competent ways. Or we need readers who will not settle for that kind of writer. We need writers who receive on literary frequencies, writers who feel what they write, who convey poetry or beauty or some ecstatic sense in their writing. We need writers whose work emanates off the page the hum and buzz of adoration."

It is the idea that we need writers - and, I think, photographers - who "proclaim truth beautifully". I am thoroughly enchanted by that idea.

I don't, to be sure, claim to have accomplished that goal here. But maybe someday I will get there, so that Christ alone is exalted. That is all that matters, now and for eternity.